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Jimmy Barnes, Joan Jett Headline Red Hot Summer Tour 2019

It might be winter, but we’re already looking ahead for a summer that’s going to be red hot.

The Red Hot Summer Tour 2019 line-up has been announced, and it’s a bloody ripper.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Jimmy Barnes, The Living End, Diesel, Richard Clapton and Chocolate Starfish... they're all here.

96FM’s Paul & Lise spoke to Jimmy Barnes about the gig, and what we didn’t know, was an extraordinary fact about Joan Jett.


“For me, I’m a fan of everyone on this bill," Barnesy said.

"I love The Living End, they’re one of my favourite bands ever, Diesel is my favourite guitar player, Richard Clapton; I sang on his records and Starfish I’ve worked with for years, and Joan Jett is coming to Australia for her first time… ever”

What. Yeah. We didn’t realise that either. Amazing.

After talking about which songs Barnsey love to play live, Paul mentioned his favourite Cold Chisel track – Forever Now.

Thing is, the track appears on a biscuit commercial. And Paul asked him about it.

“Is it weird for you when you’re sitting on the couch and you’re watching the telly and this Arnott’s biscuits ad comes on?”

He then played a snippet of the advert.

“Do you want me to lie or tell you the truth?” Barnsey said.

“Truth,” Lise replied.

Check out the video up top for the full story.

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