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John Paul Young Hilariously Mistakes Lise For Someone Else

A casual chat to Mr Love Is In The Air himself, John Paul Young, hilariously went off the rails during Breakfast on Tuesday when he remembered Lise from years ago… or did he?

JPY was on the show to talk about the up-coming APIA Good Times All-Stars Tour which hits Bunbury on May 16 and Perth on May 17, where he’ll be performing alongside total legends like Vika & Linda Bull, Brian Cadd, Joe Camilleri, Kate Ceberano, Russell Morris and Ross Wilson.

But before they launched into what punters can expect from the tour, Paul (our Paul, not John Paul) had it on good info that JPY and Lise had actually crossed paths at none other than Curtin FM.

To say that John Paul Young gasped was an understatement.

Straight away he realised exactly who Lise was.

“You’re the sports person!” he said.

“I wasn’t the sports person,” Lise replied.

“I was one of the people who was called in to help produce the show or answer phones or something.”

JPY then recalled a woman who had worked there that used to enjoy the Perth nightlife, “especially when the American ships came in”

Paul lost it laughing while Lise was left defending herself that it absolutely wasn’t her.

“It’s not me!” Lise protested.

“Sounds like we got her, John!” Paul teased.

“He said the woman did sport!” Lise continued.

“Nah, it’s you!” Paul fired back.

Watch the full roasting in the vid up top, because seriously, it needs to be seen to get the full effect LOL.

APIA Good Times All-Stars Tour, ticket info here

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