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This Perth Polling Place Will Have Beer On Election Day

Election Day, otherwise known as Democracy Sausage Day, has just gone up a notch.

Not satisfied with snags, cakes and coffee being available at their polling place (some places are even having a plant stall, what up Glengarry Primary) some spots have seriously upped the ante.

For example…

Hammond Park Primary School – sausages, coffee, ice cream and popcorn

Phoenix Primary School – sausages, cake, coffee an ice cream van and… vegetarian options

Koondoola Primary School – sausages, hot beef rolls and breakfast pancakes

    But it doesn’t end there. Oh no, no, no, no.

    Inside Cover has confirmed that the Joondalup Sports Association would have a pop-up… bar.


    Booze and voting, what could go wrong?


    Well, key detail, it seems that the bar will be available to voters after they cast their ballot.

    “We have a pretty great sports bar, which will be open all day, so people can celebrate democracy after they have completed their civic duty,” Joanne from the Joondalup Sports Association told Inside Cover.

    Don’t worry, they’ll have a sausie sizzle on hand too.

    If you’re a Democracy Sausage stall holder and want to be included on the national map, or just to find out if your local polling place will have a sausie (or coffee, or cakes… or beer) on hand, check out democracysausage.org

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