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Junior AFL Clubs Banned From Singing Team Song On Match Day

It’s one of the enjoyable things when your footy side wins - watching the entire team celebrate by belting out the team song.

However, that’s exactly what's not been happening at junior clubs around Perth.

It’s been reported that the Darlington Junior Football Club are at risk of being fined after a directive was sent out to metro central clubs forbidding them from singing their club song after each game.

Instead, the club was instructed to sing the song at training.

“Do you want to know why?” Lise said on Wednesday morning. “Because at junior footy matches, scores aren’t recorded.”

“And to avoid any confusion over which team won or which team lost, no one is allowed to sing their club song after a game.”

“Because if you sing your club song it’s like you’re the winner.”

 The realisation dawned on Paul.

“Oh, OK, but there aren’t any winners anymore.”

Lise then said that whoever is making these rules has just got to stop.

“Kids need to learn that there are winners and losers… if you want to be a winner, you train hard and you work hard or you’re going to be left behind”

“And you know what? Sometimes you’re not good at a sport, and that’s OK too”

“I think the only football club in Australia that should be signing their club song at training are the Carlton players because they might’ve forgotten how it goes,” Paul joked.

So Paul & Lise did what they do best – they opened the phones.

Suze from Mt Hawthorn:

Our team (the Mt Hawthorn Cardinals) uses the team song after every game whether the children win lose or draw so the song isn’t about winning or making a statement to the opposition, it’s actually the way the club builds the culture.

Mandy from Henley Brook:

Look, it’s been going on for years, about four years ago in the regional areas clubs have been making the decision that you’re not allowed to sing the team song if you win, which is absolutely ridiculous. The problem is now, for example, Swan Districts are directing their club president to enforce this, but the West Australian Football Commission are contradicting that. Win lose or whatever it’s part of the team spirit and it’s an important part of match day experience.

Darren from Aveley:

I think it’s ridiculous, maybe we should stop singing Happy Birthday. Maybe the Happy Birthday song could go something like ‘Happy Birthday to youse’, even though it’s not your day. You gotta be a good loser before you can become a good winner. You’ve also got to teach children to win, otherwise we all end up as lazy people who have no aspiration to get anywhere in life, so I think winning is not a problem, but they’ve got to do it properly, they have to learn to lose first.

Rob in Ballajura: 

From Auskick to Year 6, because the kids don’t play full rules, they’re modified rules, it’s all about their development, their skills and just about enjoying the game. From Year 7 onwards, when it becomes full rules, then they’re allowed to sing their club song. I’m sure it’s a directive from Victoria, it all comes down and comes back to the parents getting too involved and too vocal… “My child is better than your child or our team is better than yours”, at that early age that’s not what we want to instil in our children, I believe.

Check out the vid up top – particularly to watch West Coast’s Elliot Yeo sing his old junior footy team song in the studio.

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