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What 'Humiliating' Lunches Were You Sent To School With?

It all started when Lise was making a Vegemite sandwich for her young daughter, who can have a bit of a fussy palate.

Lise remarked on the sandwich and how lucky Bella was to be getting that in her school lunchbox.

“My Dad used to put leftover curry in my sandwiches,” she said.

“I went to school with curry sandwiches… how well do you think that went down with the kids?”

 “All the other kids would say ‘ew, that stinks!’ and they would be having meat pies from the tuck shop and my Dad didn’t believe in buying things from the tuck shop so I had curry sandwiches.”

She then told the story about her friend, who is of Italian heritage.

“He said ‘you think that’s bad?’” she said before launching into a story about their minestone soup… sandwich.

Yep. A minestrone soup sandwich. WTF.

We also opened the phones, and it was hilarious.  

Check out the video up top for the full chat

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