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Lise Showed Paul Her Halloween Outfit And Paul Had Thoughts

So, let’s just get one thing straight: Lise doesn’t rate Halloween at all.

Thing is, one of Lise’s friends is right into it and hosting a Halloween party this week.

Lise said that her daughter, Bella, 9, was pretty disappointed that she didn’t come along to last year’s party becuae all the other mum’s and parents were there.

“I was about to say ughhh, I just don’t like Halloween think it’s rubbish, but the look on her face… I couldn’t do it.”

 Yep, so Lise is going to a Halloween party… and of course, now needed a costume.

She ordered a costume which Paul described as “Parisian whore”.

Lise argued that it was on sale and that it had already been shipped.

“I don’t know why you just didn’t pick it up from Langtrees,” Paul deadpanned.

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