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Lise Straight-Up Propositioned Paul And It Was Awk AF

Lise was heckin’ amped to tell Paul her news on Tuesday morning, so much so, she said she even wished that Paul’s partner Melissa was there so she could share it with both of them together.

Paul was alert and alarmed.

The alarm grew when Lise said she had news… and a proposition.

Paul winced.

“The neighbours just to the right of me are selling up and moving out!” she exclaimed.

Paul immediately buried his head in his hands.

“No!” he yelled.

“So the good news, is that you can buy the house!” Lise said, ecstatic.

“No, no, no,” was all Paul could muster.

Lise then listed off all the reasons why he should move in next door to her.

One of the reasons was that they could save on petrol by driving to work together.

“Save on petrol?” Paul said.

“I’d use more petrol to burn my house down”

Lise went on with her list of pros… to which Paul looked like he was having a stroke.

“I found this news out yesterday afternoon and I stood in my driveway and I cried,” Lise said. “I know you’re looking to buy and not just that, there’s someone else on my street that wants to share the joy!”

“Oh, don’t do this,” Paul said.

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