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'Little Shop' minis Are HOT Trading Property At Schools

Like them or not, the ‘Little Shop’ miniature grocery items released by Coles have sent people fricken bonks.

The collectables are tiny replicas of items including Vegemite, Nutella, toothpaste, nappies that are free to customers when they spend over $30 in one transaction.

Lise’s 8-year-old daughter, Isabella, is crazy about the “minis”, and after getting a bunch of them after doing his food shop this week, Paul wanted to know if she wanted any of them for her own collection.

Paul soon learned that these things were hot trading property in the schoolyard.

Check out the video up top

*Paul had a few leftover to trade! So, here’s the thing: All we want to know is what will your kid do for us in return...?

Let us know!

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