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Lollipops Given To Stop Junior Sport Sideline Abuse

The introduction of ‘silent sidelines’ are being encouraged during junior sport in a bid to stem bad behaviour from spectators.

The WA government is behind the initiative, which aims to stamp out abuse directed a players, umps and coaches from the sidelines.

Spectators who open their mouths to players, coaches, officials or even other spectators are discouraged to do so, and only ‘polite clapping’ allowed to recognised good play.

Essentially, vocal parents who barrack for their kid will have to put a sock in it.

Netball was also trying a similar initiative.

“Parents are being given lollipops to suck on the sidelines when they are tempted to shout,” Lise said.

    As you can imagine, Paul & Lise had thoughts about it – and we want to know yours too.


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