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MAFS Experts Give Us Their #1 Piece Of Dating Advice

If the relationship experts on Married At First Sight could give us their #1 piece of dating advice, what would it be?

Just days before the new season of MAFS kicks off, Paul & Lise got the scoop straight from Mel Schilling and Dr Trisha Stratford.

And it’s totally not what we expected.

Directing her comments specifically at women, Schilling got straight to the point.

“Stop dating when you’re ovulating,”

“When women are ovulating, hormonally we're more drawn towards the alpha male, which may well be 'Mr Thick Neck'.”

Paul was fascinated.

“Yes!” he said, eyeballing Lise.

Dr Stratford added that it was the brain’s way of telling women that it was “time to mate” before describing how women’s taste in men can change during ovulation.

“We tend to look for someone who we think is strong, can provide and be a good father and a good protector.”

Schilling said that dating while ovulating wasn’t always good for women.

“It doesn’t always serve us,” she said.

“So, I actually say to a lot of my clients, when you’re ovulating, stay in, make that girlfriend time.”

'Wow," Lise said.

"It's like a cat in heat you have to keep indoors"

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