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Matt Preston’s Perfect Pav Is NOTHING Like Mum Makes

Last year we found out that Masterchef’s Matt Preston and Paul loved the very same dessert.

It was made up of only two ingredients: Coco Pops and whipped cream.

However, on Friday, we learned that Matt’s favourite dessert was pavlova.

Thing is, the way he makes it is truly something to wrap your head around. And it’s not just the fact he doesn’t use kiwifruit at all.

At first, the recipe seems fairly innocuous.

“I like pavlova with raspberries and strawberries,” he told Paul & Lise.

“and then you make strawberry or raspberry jelly but you do a little less water than it says… about half the water, so you get a really strong, bouncy, boingy jelly.

Then it got weird.

“A little bit of citric acid in there… and you get like a sour jelly," he said.

“So you get crispy, crunchy meringue chew in the middle, cream, billowy soft fresh bites of fruit and then that great joy of jelly and cream, of boingy acidic jelly… it doesn’t get any better.”

What do you reckon? Would you try a pav like Matt’s?

Check out the video up top!

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