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96FM’s Mullet Man Sets Sights On Mulletfest National Crown

Let’s be clear: Jamie Brookes isn’t a man with a mullet, it’s the mullet that has a man.

“It’s never about me, I’m just the life-support system for the mullet,” Jamie told Paul & Lise on Friday.

For Jamie, you have to live by the law. The Mullet Law.

“It’s gotta be business out the front, party out the back, the longer the party, the better the party.”

After taking out first prize in a local mullet competition, Jamie has his sights set on Mulletfest, a national competition being held in NSW.

According to their website, Mulletfest honours the best mullet cuts in various styles and categories, including 'everyday', 'grubby', 'ranga', 'vintage', 'extreme', 'international' and 'junior'.

For those interested (I know I was) the youngest 'junior' category are for mulleted kiddos aged 0-7. Amazing. 

He reckons there will be around 120 entrants for Mulletfest, so the competition is going to be… hairy. But considering Paul once said "from behind, he looks like a Wella woman", we reckon he's got more than half a chance.

Thing is, 2019 might be the last year that Jamie will even be able to enter a mullet competition for a while as one of Jamie’s charities he supports – he has three - will benefit from the mullet quite literally.

“Next year at the Lakers Tavern, they’re going to have their second ‘dirty mullet’ competition,” Jamie said.

“Because I’ve already won that… come the day, I want to hand the title over, sit down, shave the mullet off for charity.”

Jamie’s three charities include two mental health services, Bindoon Mobile Recovery Campaign and Teen Focus.

Not only will the raised funds from the shaving go to these charities, but the hair itself will also be handed over to Kids With Cancer and given a second life.

“They can make a beautiful little mullet wig for some special little kid in need.”

Check out the full video above, where Jamie also spills his hair care secrets, such as what shampoo he uses…


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