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Mundy: Optus Stadium LED Sign Cuts & Noise Complaints

One of the biggest stories to come out of Sunday’s clash between West Coast and Geelong had to do with the safety of LED advertising banner which hugs the ground at Optus Stadium like a fence.  

Mark Blicavs and Zach Tuohy both needed stitches after running into the fence and cutting themselves.

Speaking to Freo’s David Mundy on Tuesday, Paul & Lise said they had been hearing anywhere up to 17 stitches for Blicavs after cutting his left hand and right elbow.

The AFL said it was investigating the incidents.

“Are you aware of this fence, have you been warned that the top of the fence is a bit sharp, do you know anything about this fence?” Paul asked Mundy.

“I’m aware there is a fence, yes,” Mundy joked.

“Nah, I’ve never had a good look at the fence, to be honest.

“I’m not sure how [Blicavs] would’ve done it… but it is concerning.”

The other issue was that of noise and that Optus Stadium “retained” noise really well – almost too well.

As a player, Mundy said it made communication difficult.

“We’re figuring it out,” he said.

“If I’m trying to get someone’s attention 30 or 30 metres away, sometimes it can be quite difficult”

Paul mentioned that there had been some rumblings from the more senior ticket holders.

 “…that the speakers are too loud when you play all your Prince music and your AC/DC.”

Mundy agreed that it was loud and that his wife had bought some headphones for their little girl.

“But that’s part of the experience, isn’t it?”

Paul agreed that they shouldn’t whinge about it.

“I remember that prelim in Subi years ago that you guys played in and it was so loud that night and it was awesome, like it was such a novelty, as we get that every week at this brand-new stadium,” Paul said.

“We want to freak out those flogs from the east coast everytime they come over.”

“…or we’ll just push ‘em into the fence,” Mundy joked.

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