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NAPLAN Test Details Appear On Social Media

WA school principals have been warned to make sure students aren’t taking banned items into NAPLAN tests after two photos of the writing assessment were posted online.

The pictures, posted on social media on Tuesday, revealed the test’s set topic.

Paul & Lise were pretty appalled at the revelation.

"For kids to even need to cheat at that age, I mean, what kind of pressure must they be under?"  

An email from the Education Department was consequently sent to schools.

“There have been some instances of images of the students undertaking NAPLAN today being posted online, and two instances of photos of the writing prompts (both NAPLAN online and written test) being posted,” the email said.

“The following items are not permitted in the test area under any circumstances: mobile phones, electronic devices (other than the device for testing) that are capable of storing, receiving or transmitting information or electronic signals such as recorded music and video players, organisers, dictionaries, scanning pens and computerised watches.”

Education authorities are investigating.  


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