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Noise Complaint Could Shut Down Raffles Pub

A complaint over noise at The Raffles Hotel will return to court this week, a move which could see last drinks for the pub.

Mining entrepreneur Derek Noel Ammon, who lives in a luxury apartment complex next door, alleges the Applecross pub breached noise limits.

The West reported that Mr Ammon wants the internal bar and garden shut and the owner, Colonial Leisure Group, to pay unspecified damages.

An application was previously dismissed in November which would have seen the beer garden shut until the final hearing.

Paul & Lise weighed in on the story on Monday.

“If you're worried about noise, come and live with me out in Canning Vale,” Paul said.

Various Raffles residents told the paper that the noise wasn’t a concern, one even admitted that the hotel was actually part of the appeal of moving there.

“My own experience is that the traffic noise is worse than the pub noise,” she said.

Another praised the fact that double glazing existed.

Lise said that was the risk you take when you move, particularly near an entertainment precinct.

“It’s like apples, there’s always going to be a bad one in the bunch, there’s always one that wants to spoil the party.”

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