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'Out Of Control': Watering Cans Considered A 'Breach'

After watching a segment on Seven on Thursday night, 96FM’s Paul & Lise brought watering days back to light.

It was regarding a ‘secret army’ in Perth, fining households for wasting water (scroll down to check out the report).

While Paul poked fun at the Taken-style vibe of the segment, Lise did some digging.

“Look, obviously it's important to save water… obviously we need to look at our sprinkler days,” she said.

But after checking her watering days online, she also found how you can ‘dob in’ those who don’t abide by the rules.

But it was under the section outlining ‘what type of breach’ that Lise was kinda shocked by.

“You can actually… be in trouble for using a watering can,” she said.

Lise then read “…using a hand-held hose or watering can” straight from the Water Corporation website.

“I did not know that… what’s wrong with using a watering can?” she said, incredulous.

Lise mentioned that her young daughter had a watering can.

“She’s gonna get a call,” Paul deadpanned, before Lise said that her toddler son also had a baby watering can.

“You’re a crime family,” Paul joked.

“You’re gonna be on one of those Foxtel shows.”

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