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How Did The Notting Hill Bench End Up In Perth?

The park bench made famous in the movie Notting Hill has sat in Perth’s Queens Gardens for more than a decade, but what do we actually know about it?

More to the point: what do you know about it?

Here’s what we do know.

  • It’s the original bench from the original 1999 movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.
  • It sits in Queens Gardens in East Perth.

Annnnnd that’s kinda it.

Until Erin from Seville Grove called Paul & Lise.

On Friday, Erin relayed what she heard about why the bench was even there.

“Some very, very rich man, who wished to remain anonymous, purchased the chair from the studio and shipped here so he could use it to propose to his girlfriend,” she said.

“Unfortunately, she said no, and he donated the chair to the city, and yeah, that’s really the end of it.”

Shortly after Paul & Lise spoke to Erin, Lise said that an anonymous caller had phoned in with some extra info about the bench.

“Apparently there are names etched on the back of the bench," Lise said.

Paul questioned whether this could be a hint to who was involved getting the chair to Perth.

“It says ‘Rodd and Nicole 2002’,” Lise continued

“…and what’s interesting is that she says that the Rodd is spelled with two D’s.”

So Perth, over to you, help us get to the bottom of this.

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