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We Found The Millionaire Behind Perth’s Notting Hill Bench

Just when we thought the mystery was all put to bed, Paul & Lise found the “mysterious millionaire” behind Perth’s Notting Hill bench.

Known only as ‘Rodd’, he had been following the story on 96FM all week and called in to clear up a few things.

First of all, the claims it was the original bench from the movie.

“I gotta make it clear that when I donated the bench to the City of Perth, I never said it was the original bench from Notting Hill,” he told Paul & Lise.

However, he did try to buy the original bench from the film.

“I even had ‘hunters’ in the UK, trying to find the original bench, but it turns out the bench wasn’t real bench, per se.”

Check out the vid up top for the full chat

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