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Oh Baby! Surprising Places Where You've Given Birth

A newborn was resuscitated shortly after being born on the side of the road between Kambalda and Kalgoorlie-Boulder on Wednesday night.

Scott Moorehead and his wife Bianca were on the way to the Kalgoorlie Health Campus after she started having contractions, The West Australian reported.

The couple pulled over when Bianca’s contractions became stronger and, over the phone, a 000 operator guided them through the birth.

“There were three pushes; the first he crowned, the second push his head came out and third push he popped out and I had to catch him,” Mr Moorehead told the West.

However, not all was well.

“He had his umbilical cord around his neck, it wasn’t tight, though, but it was around. It was quite tangled… and we noticed he wasn’t breathing,” Mr Moorehead said.

“There was no movement, they asked me to look at his belly and he was just lifeless, he wasn’t moving at all.”

It was then that the operator said he had to perform CPR.

“I was quite scared at this point.”

Mr Moorehead did about three rounds of CPR which included tiny compressions on his chest before the bub started moving and breathing.

“Just the look my wife gave me, it was like ‘good job’ and I was just so proud.”

    The story inspired Paul & Lise on Monday to find out where listeners have had babies… that weren’t in a hospital.

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