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West Coast's Elliot Yeo Speaks Out Over Gaff Incident

West Coast’s Elliot Yeo has described last Sunday’s post-derby press conference as one of the hardest he’s ever had to do.

Yeo opened up to 96FM’s Paul & Lise less than 24-hours after teammate Andrew Gaff copped an eight-week ban over the on-field punch which left Docker Andrew Brayshaw with a broken jaw and three teeth displaced.

“It’s a little bit weird and quite deflating around the club at the moment… it’s a mixture of emotions,” he said on Wednesday.

Paul brought up the presser which was held shortly after the game, where Yeo was meant to front the cameras for a completely different reason.

“Unfortunately for you, the questioning at that press conference was really not in regard to your medal win, it was all about the incident,” referring to Yeo receiving the inaugural Glendinning-Allan Medal.

Yeo said it was one of the hardest press conferences he’s ever had to do.

“I was sitting in the back of the room when [Trevor Nisbett] was talking, and I actually thought ‘Oh my God’,” he said.

“At one stage I was thinking ‘Oh God, how am I going to do this?’”

Winning the game, and the medal, was bittersweet for Yeo.

“At the time I was extremely happy and pretty excited but obviously after the game, [we] got into the rooms and boys were pretty flat,” he said.

“Extremely happy to really flat”


Looking to this weekend’s clash with Port Adelaide, Yeo just wanted to get out and play.    

“It’s one of those [games] where, you know, every week it always feels like you can sort of rectify what’s gone on… if you lose a game you can bring it back the next week,” he said.

“We’re just looking forward to getting out and playing and just getting this whole week behind us.”    

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