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Fact Or Fiction: Can Petrol Treat Head Lice?

It comes in handy when you need to use your car, but have you ever used petrol to treat… head lice?

This week, Lise got a letter from her daughter’s vacation care warning that a case of head lice had been reported.

Thing is, she’s been lucky enough to not have an issue with lice before and threw a question about it at Paul.

He used to be a teacher, so he’d know, right?

“I heard that the best way to get rid of headlice is to put gasoline, petrol, on your kid’s head,” she said.

“No,” Paul said. “Surely not, you can’t do that, no.”

“That’s just what I heard,” Lise said. “I’m not saying it’s pleasant, or comfortable, but is it true?”

Paul was genuinely appalled.

“What? Do you just pull up at the Puma… and ‘yeah, give me 20c of the unleaded’?”

So we opened the phones for a round of Fact or Fiction.

And let’s just say that Lise wasn’t alone.

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