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Paul Barely Holds His Sh*t Together After Trying Chilli Choc

Not only has the Perth-based Bunsters ‘Shit the Bed’ hot sauce become one of the biggest selling condiments on online shopping giant Amazon, the sauce has now made it to the mouth of the king of juvenile prankster, Johnny Knoxville.

The creator of the sauce, Renae Bunster, joined Paul & Lise on Tuesday, and admitted she still doesn’t quite know how her success with Amazon even happened.

“So, we sent a heap of sauce to Amazon last year, and I don’t know how it happened, but before their Thanksgiving and their ‘Cyber Weekend’, which is the weekend where everyone gets online and buys, we got to number one,” she said.

“Get out,” Paul deadpanned.

Bunsters sauce out-sold the worldwide kings of hot sauces, Sriracha and Tabasco.

Not bad for a homemade hot sauce which came from not being able to find a decent one after a trip to Mexico in 2011.

“So how does it end up in Johnny Knoxville’s from Jackass’s mouth?” Paul asked.

Renae said it was after they got to number one and caught the attention of the producers of a US TV show called The Hot Ones.

“They get a celebrity to sit there and eat 10 hot chicken wings,” she said.

“And as they get progressively hotter… their guard comes down, and they’ve gotten some really good interviews out of them.”

The show has featured stars such as Charlize Theron, Ricky Gervais and Kevin Hart. Johnny Knoxville was the first celebrity to appear on the show this season.

Renae also introduced us to her newest ‘Shit the Bed’ product – chocolate.

And because Johnny Knoxville wasn’t available, Paul was set the task of trying it live on air.

Check out the video up top

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