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Paul Didn't Get His Girlfriend A Present For Her Birthday

The agreement was fairly innocuous – because of their new baby, Paul and his girlfriend Melissa decided to forgo birthday presents for each other this year.

However, now it’s actually Melissa’s birthday, and, well, there’s a problem.

Paul said that, at the time, Mel had said “oh look, don’t worry about it, it’s fine”

Lise then informed Paul that it was not, indeed, fine… and that what Mel said was a straight-up lie.

“When she says ‘I don’t want a present’, she doesn’t mean it,” Lise whispered. “That’s not what she’s saying”

Paul was incredulous.

“What does she mean, if she…?” he said.

Lise delivered the cold hard truth: “She means ‘buy me a present’.”

“Maybe she was being polite, maybe she was trying to make light of it, but she wants a present for her birthday.”

Not only had Paul not bought Mel a present, he was also not buying what Lise was saying.

“I think you’re wrong”

So, in classic ‘battle of the sexes’ form, we opened the phones to see if Paul, despite the ‘no presents’ rule, actually has to get Melissa a present.

Let’s just say that it didn’t go in Paul’s favour.

But shortly after he recited a poem to Melissa…. Things got even worse for Paul.

It involved the issue of a proposal.

Oh dearrrrrr.

Check out the video up top and, fair warning, it gets pretty awkward.

(Happy birthday Mel!)

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