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Paul & Lise Lose Their Minds Over These Fancy Dress FAILS

So, it all started with the day that celebrates diversity of cultures, Harmony Day.

Lise explained that at her son’s playgroup, like a lot of schools do, marked the day with students dressing up in their nationality’s traditional dress.

“My family are Indian, my mum and dad are from Calcutta,” said Lise.

It was a bit last minute, but Lise had asked her nanny to pick up an outfit for Hudson, 14 months, to wear for Harmony Day.

“Little pants… and a little Indian top, that would be perfect,” she said.

“Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because she couldn’t find one”

Instead, she had dressed Hudson as… a pirate.

 “He’s like Captain Feathersword!” said Paul as he looked at the picture.

“Did he grow up in the Caribbean?”

Paul then shared his own story about a fancy dress fail that happened to one of his mates at a friend’s 21st birthday party.

“He hired a white duck costume,” he said.

“…and when he tried it on, it was so hot that he decided to go naked inside the duck costume.”

Check out the vid up top for the rest of the story, and what happened when we threw open the phones.

OMG we’re still in pain from laughing...

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