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Dockers' Adam Cerra: Staying Or Going?

Docker David Mundy was all smiles on Tuesday when he arrived at the 96FM studio, clearly still stoked with Sunday’s thumping of Carlton at Optus Stadium

After trailing by 13 points at halftime, the Dockers came up trumps, giving the Blues their marching orders at the final siren: 15.11 (101) to 10.12 (72).

But straight off the bat, Lise went in.

“[Adam] Cerra, is he staying or is he going?” she asked.

“Oh, well, he’s contracted for another year, his initial draft contract, so I guess he’s in no rush to sign but ideally he’ll be staying and signed to a really long contract,” Mundy said.

Both Paul and Lise emphatically agreed, Paul saying that “you gotta go full McGovern on this,” of course, referring to Jeremy McGovern’s sensational mark then kicked a goal after the siren which handed West Coast the win.

“Is there talk to lock him down for longer?” Lise said.

“I assume so, yeah” Mundy said before Lise interrupted with a cheeky whisper…

“What about whispers that he wants to go back home over east?”

“Oh, there’s always those sorts of whispers, I guess,” Mundy said diplomatically. “But the club will be doing whatever they could, I think, to sign him back up.”

Paul and Lise then asked Mundy whether he’s heard much about “that old bastard David Mundy” and what was going on with his contract.

“Surely after Dave Mundy stepped off the ground on the weekend he must’ve said ‘well, c’mon, what more can I do guys?!’” Paul said.

“Have you heard any rumours about him at the club?” asked Lise.

“My understanding is that he on the very last priority list,” Mundy said.

“Poor mongrel,” Paul said. “Please give our thoughts to him”

“So creepy, third person” Lise admitted.

The guys got into some of the injuries and niggles of some of the players before Paul brought up the trip to Geelong, to which Lise asked something that you’d never usually hear about.

“What do you do on the way over, that’s a long flight… who do you sit next to?”

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