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'I’ve Been Through More Stations Than The Indian Pacific'

In the lead-up to WA Day, Paul & Lise decided to get some of the West Aussies they truly admire in for a chat.  

And, we’re not sure how to say this but, it’s already Monday and, well, we might’ve already peaked.

Because when it comes to Perth radio personalities, they don’t get much bigger than Gary Shannon.

“You are at the top of our list,” Paul told Gary.

“No one more famous than Gary Shannon?” Gary said. “I apologise Jesus, sorry about that.”

Over the years, Gary Shannon has clocked up almost four decades on Perth radio, including 10 years on 96FM.

“I grew up in Perth and I listened to you,” Lise said.

“I’ve been through more stations than the Indian Pacific,” Gary replied.

He spoke about what he missed about radio, the crazy stunts from the ‘90s, one of which made global news, growing up in Perth and how he was a living, breathing ‘little Johnny’ when he told a joke as a child on live TV… which caused the station to temporarily shut down transmission.

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