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Paul & Lise Took A Call And Oh God Now They’re Matchmakers

OK, so this all started when Paul & Lise threw the question ‘Is it OK to tell someone you don’t like their gift?’ out on Friday.

One caller, Russell from Rockingham, told us about a gift he received.

He said that his then-partner was gifted some chocolate and “a few other odds and ends” by her father for Christmas.

“I was there when she was given them and she regifted them to me for Valentine’s Day.”

Russell said he kept quiet about it as he didn’t want to spoil the moment.

“The worst thing was that I gave her flowers, $95 worth of flowers, ordered and delivered to her door and she said ‘Oh, I’d rather receive them out of the garden’.”

To say Lise was appalled was an understatement

“Russell, I’m going to say it,” she said. “What a bitch!”

Lise went on to say that he could do a lot better and that he should be celebrating that his ex is no longer part of his life.

Thing is, Russell’s call ended up being a call out to the ladies of Perth. Ones that like gingers. Because Russell said he was a ginger.

Lise asked Russell to do a quick sell of himself.

Here’s what we know about Russell:

He’s 43, runs a business (Gingers Lawn & Garden Care) and describes himself as an “upfront Aussie guy, doesn’t beat around the bush, trustworthy, very romantic, an open-hearted man.”

So, because Tinder is a dumpster fire, of course we got callers from ladies who liked what they heard.

Check out the vid up top

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