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How Late Is Too Late To Text Someone?

How late is too late to text someone?

On Monday, Paul & Lise wondered if the same etiquette applied to texting as it might for actual calls.

It was something that Lise felt particularly strongly about.

“I’m going to throw out a time, and I’d love to know if you agree or disagree with it,” she said before continuing.

 “It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend or a weeknight”

That time was 9pm.

“What? Are you serious?” Paul said.

Emergencies aside, Lise stuck to her guns: “Texting someone and asking them to respond to you after 9pm I think is ridiculous”

“Oh my God,” Paul said.

“This is like back when we all had landlines and if the phone rang after 9pm it’s like ‘oh my God someone’s giving birth’.”

But Lise reckoned that it was our busy lifestyles that perhaps warranted the need for a text curfew.

Check out the video up top….

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