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Paul Made A Mortifying Mistake Using Airdrop

So, Paul decided to get out of the house and take his little family out to AQWA for the day on Sunday.

He told Lise that often when he and his girlfriend go out, they have a quick way of sharing photos as Paul’s phone is a bit better than hers.

“We tend to take photos on my phone and then we’ll Airdrop them to her phone,” he said on Monday.

(Airdropping is one of the quickest ways you can share photos, websites, notes… pretty much anything. Basically, you don’t have to text them.)

“So, we’d been Airdropping throughout the morning at AQWA,” he said.

“And then something a little bit tragic happened”

Just check out the video up top for the full story… Let’s just say that if your name is Melissa and you were near an ice-cream shop in Hillarys on Sunday, Paul is sorry.

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