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Paul Now Wants To Watch The Royal Wedding... Not AFL

So, when it comes to the remote control on Saturday, it’s going to be a sh*tfight.

Up against the Royal Wedding is not only the Dockers v Swans clash, but the FA Cup Final

Another match is fighting for eyeballs is the Saints v Collingwood – Paul’s team.

Thing is, just three days ago, he has zero interest in watching the Royal Wedding… but now, he’s not so sure.


Get this: Paul has gotten completely swept up in the Markle family drama.

“I just love it,” he said on Wednesday morning.

“Meghan Markle’s family is full of flogs, and it’s hilarious.”

When describing the three Markle family members that flew into London this week, he called it completely as he saw it.

“They arrived at Heathrow and they looked like they were going to Bali,” he told Lise.

“They looked like a local footy club that had just got back from Mad Monday in Bali”

Paul also commented on reports that Markle’s father has been so stressed out about the situation that he’s been hitting the Valium.

“I mean, this is a man who’s gonna meet the Queen on the weekend,” he said.

Lise described what the scene was probably going to look like, with the uninvited family members perhaps holding placards and saying things like ‘Meghan We’re Here, Don’t Ignore Us’.

“Can you imagine?” she said.

“It’s gonna be brilliant,” Paul said.

Then Lise called it.

“You’re not going to be watching te Collingwood game, you’re going to be watching the Royal Wedding punch-up.”

Paul agreed.

“This has turned into like… if Schapelle Corby got married.”  

Catch the vid up top

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