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Paul Opened Lise's Bills On-Air... And It Wasn't Pretty

It was meant to be a chat about council rates and what happens if you don’t pay them.

Spoiler alert: it involves legal action.

However, while Paul & Lise threw open the phones for experiences of debt collection, callers wanted to talk about one thing: wine.


While recounting how she put the ridiculously overdue bills to one side, Lise said at one point she went to the fridge to start the kids’ dinner.

“…and neck a bottle of white,” Paul said.

Lise corrected him.

“No, I drink red,” she said.

“Yeah, but you said fridge, you’re not keeping your red in the fridge?” he replied.

“Yes, I do keep my red in the fridge,” Lise said.

Paul went on: “You’d keep a rose in the fridge, wouldn’t you?”

“No, I keep just normal shiraz in the fridge,” Lise said before getting back on the topic.

Well, behind-the-scenes, the phones went bananas.

We then put John from Como to air.

“I’ve never dodged a debt collector before, but I want to know why Lise is keeping shiraz in the fridge?”

“It was a bombshell moment, wasn’t it John?” Paul said.

“It was! It’s like who keeps shiraz in the fridge?” John replied.

“There are a lot of people who keep red wine in the fridge, a lot. but I love that you’re angry about it.”

Paul said he thought John was right.

“I know nothing about wine but, John, you sound right”

Is John right? When is it ever OK to keep red wine in the fridge?

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