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People Are Hoarding Slabs Of Coke Zero As Supply Dwindles

Coca-Cola began phasing out sugar-free Coke Zero like a year ago, but it seems that fans of the drink are only really now starting to feel the effects.

Coke ditched the sugarless Coke Zero in favour of, umm, Coca-Cola No Sugar and on Tuesday, Paul & Lise discussed the taste and whether or not it was really the same product.

Thing is, the transition hasn’t been easy for some, with some digging their heels in with actual resistance.

Lise is one that’s tried Coke No Sugar but prefers Coke Zero and is now finding it increasingly hard to get her hands on them.

So we put the call out – where can you still buy Coke Zero?

What came back was a couple of hot spots where the drink is still sold, but what really shocked us was that some were hoarding slabs of the stuff.

If you know of a Coke Zero hot spot, let us know!

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