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People Who Are Hated Because Of Their Job

We’ve all got that story on returning to your parked car only to have a ranger slapping a ticket on it.

On Tuesday, it happened to Lise.

“I looked at the time and realised I needed to put more money in the ticket machine and I raced out,” she said.

“I could see my car directly in front of me, I was doing a pretty good pace, and what I could see was the back of a parking inspector standing in front of my car.”

Lise yelled out to the man that she was there.

“Mate, no, don’t do it, mate, I’m here.”

But it was too late, the $60 ticket had been written, and he couldn’t unwrite a ticket.

Lise then lamented about the job of a ticket inspector.

“That guy must get abused, how many times a day?” she asked.

So, we opened the phones to those people who are hated because of what they do for a living.

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