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This Guy’s Hip-E Club Proposal Proves That Love Isn’t Dead

They say that when you know, you know.

You know?

On Friday morning, Paul & Lise were dead keen to find out who in Perth has had the shortest time between meeting and getting engaged - specifically, less than two months.

Thing is, after we opened the phones, one caller completely gripped us with his tale of true, unadulterated love.

Behold, Chris from Carlisle.

“We met through a mutual friend we had both known for 20 years,” he began. “We'd been ships in the night this whole time.”

Their paths crossed a handful of times since initially meeting a 40th, then a year to the day at said friend’s 41st birthday… where they finally got together.

Two weeks later, at the Hip-E Club in Leedy, he proposed.

He even got down on one knee… and we all know the state of the carpet there, so really, it must’ve been love.

To hear how it all went down in all it’s romantic glory, check out the video up top.






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