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Perth's Notting Hill Park Bench Mystery Solved!

Well, we finally have an answer on how the hell the Notting Hill park bench ended up in Perth and, really, we’re not happy.

Last week, a casual chat referring to the bench lead to a full-blown investigation into how it got here – and why.

On Friday, Paul & Lise spoke to Erin from Seville Grove, who had heard an interesting tidbit about the bench.

“Some very, very rich man, who wished to remain anonymous, purchased the chair from the studio and shipped here so he could use it to propose to his girlfriend,” she said.

“Unfortunately, she said no, and he donated the chair to the city, and yeah, that’s really the end of it.”

But on Monday, Maria from Winthrop poured cold water all over the story – and our hearts.

“The seat that’s in Queen’s Gardens is actually a replica,” she said.

How does she know this?

 “My very clever husband actually made that seat for the gentleman to propose to his girlfriend.”

She recounted how it came about and, honestly, we reckon her husband will never want or need to see Notting Hill ever again.

“We remember the guy bringing in the DVD of the movie and my husband had to watch it and watch it,” she said.

Paul & Lise were outraged.

“So, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant never sat on that chair?” they said in unison.

“It’s not the bench” Maria deadpanned.

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