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Unbelievable Stories Of Perth's Accidental Heroes

A rowing coach jumped into the Swan River to help rescue a stranger whose taxi was sinking in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Joshua Wilkes was driving along Mounts Bay Road about 5am when he saw a truck with its hazard lights flashing.

“As I got closer, I realised the truck driver was waving me down and pointing towards the river,” Mr Wilkes told The West.

He saw the roof of the taxi poking out from the Swan River and immediately swung into action, stripping off and jumping into the water.

“That taxi was about 30 metres offshore and when I got there the driver was sitting in his seat in absolute shock,” Mr Wilkes said.

“The passenger side window was cracked open, so I was able to speak to him and realised the car wasn’t sinking, it was sitting on the river bed and his head was still above the water.

“The water was all the way up, basically up to his neck, so had he been another five or 10 metres out into the river he would have been in serious trouble.”

Mr Wilkes was able to wrangle the driver’s side door open and rescue the driver, who was later taken to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital to be treated for possible hypothermia. Black and White Cabs general manager Shaun Matthews reportedly said the driver was recovering at home.

On Monday, Paul & Lise reflected on this story before opening the phones to find out who in Perth had been in a situation where they, or someone they knew, stepped in and inadvertently become an absolute hero.

Their stories still have us floored, check out the video up top…!

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