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Pet Carpet Python Named Josephine Goes Missing

A 1.6m pet carpet python has gone missing in Carramar, in Perth’s north.

The owners, who wish to remain anonymous, are asking locals to keep their eyes peeled for their beloved Josephine.

WAtoday reported that Josephine shouldn’t have gotten too far as she had just eaten a big meal before she wandered off.

The owners say Josephine is non-venomous and "very friendly".

Paul & Lise were fascinated with the story, particularly Lise, who wanted to find out how prevalent snake ownership was in Perth.

“I’ve just gone on Gumtree to look up…” she began to say.

Oh no, you can’t buy snakes on Gumtree?” asked Paul.

“Can’t buy snakes, but there [are] listings galore for snake enclosures,” before she rattled off a string of classifieds for tanks, terrariums and ‘hatchies’.

“What I’m thinking is a lot of people in Perth who own snakes,” Lise surmised.

However, although Lise was flabbergasted at the sheer amount of snake-based classifieds, she was horrified at the thought of owning one as a pet.

“I couldn’t think of anything worse or more revolting in my whole life,” she said.

Paul simply wanted to know if snakes were affectionate.

What the pair didn’t realise, was that 96fm’s Afternoons Announcer, Dougie, is a snake enthusiast…. and promptly called in to fly the flag for the nope ropes cold-blooded critters.

“Imagine having a scarf that can love you back,” he said.

Watch the vid up top for the full chat.

In the meantime, if you see Josephine, let the Wanneroo Rangers know on 1300 138 393.


*snake pic is not Josephine but apparently very similar to her appearance.

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