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Perth Beer Wars Spill Out Across City

It started between two bars in Subiaco, now Perth’s super cheap beer prices have spilled out across the city.

“We now live in the time of the great beer wars,” Paul said on Tuesday.

It kicked off when Subi’s Village Bar dropped the price of their “beer of the month” from $10 a pint to just $4.

The Vic Hotel quickly responded with $3.50 pints.

Next minute, Midland’s Grand Central Hotel offered $3.80 pints.

On a slightly different note, Petition Beer Corner started to offer 150mL taster beers for just $2.50.

Now, Chelsea Pizza Co in Nedlands are chiming in with their own brand of neck oil - and a pint of it will set you back just $3.

Owner George Fatouros told The West his motivation for the price drop was two-fold.

“…it was about making life a bit more affordable for younger people, I just thought ‘what can I do for them’.

“Of course, it was also a solution to compete and a decision to follow the trend.”

The newly-opened Chelsea Pizza Co. in East Victoria Park won’t be following suit as it doesn’t have a liquor license.

As Lise suggested, when’s the parmi wars gonna start?

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