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Pointer Sisters v Twisted Sister... Who Were Better?

Now that we've found our fave 'brother' band, it's only fair that we would focus on 'sister' bands. 

On Friday, Paul & Lise announced that, given the choice of the Allman Brothers or the Doobie Brothers, the Doobs ran away with roughly 65% of the vote we put to Perth. 

But now, we've turned our attention.

"Best sisters ever, musically speaking," Lise said.

"Would have to be the Pointer Sisters." 

Paul agreed that The Pointer Sisters were a good choice, but he had his own ideas. 

"Look, I've thought laterally about this," he said.

"I like The Pointer Sisters... and I need you to think laterally here... Twisted Sister," before firing off their famous song, "We're Not Gonna Take It"

So, let us know, what's your favourite 'sister' band?

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