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Ross Noble Tells Us How He Would’ve Cheated

Ross Noble is disappointed over the ball-tampering scandal.

Specifically, he’s disappointed at the lack of effort that went into the act of cheating itself, particularly given it was at an international level.

Speaking with 96FM’s Paul & Lise, Noble explained what should’ve happened.

“If you’re gonna tamper with a ball, why aren’t you using clear grip tape instead of yellow?”

Noble dropped in to the studio on Thursday while in Perth for a handful of shows at the Regal Theatre.

“All I’m saying is, get some clear grip tape and cut it into a hand shape,” he said.

“You bring the ball out, you put it in the palm of your hand and you go rub rub rub and then you scratch your chin and don’t put your hand straight back in your pocket.”

He then illustrated that the player should take a second to yawn before quickly putting their hand back in their pocket to be rid of the transparent grip tape on their hand.

“Job’s done, that’s how you cheat”

Noble then riffed on a couple of other ways the ball tampering could’ve been more successful, one of which included “the gentleman’s area”.

Check the video up top.

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