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Lise Recalls Her School Leavers Week And, Far Out

A website has come under fire for offering beer pong cups and shot glasses to school leavers when they book accommodation through their website.

It was a revelation to Paul & Lise, particularly as they didn’t have such a thing – you know, the internet, let alone a school leavers accommodation website - back in the day.

Thing is, the issue is that accommodation packages for Schoolies booked with the company include beer pong cups and shot glasses.

 “You can talk to your kids about being responsible, you can raise your kids right… and that’s the best example you can set,” Lise said.

“At the end of the day, they’re 17 and 18 years old, they’re gonna do what they want.

“And if you brought them up right, they’re going to do the right thing, don’t worry about it.”

Paul chimed in that a website wasn’t going to change that

Lise continued.

“So they remove the beer pong giveaways and the shot glasses and what, they’re not going to drink now?”

“You know, kids these days are really responsible, so I reckon parents just need to relax.”

“Compared to when we went to Leavers, oh my God,” Paul said.

Check out the vid up top to hear about what Lise got up to at Rotto for her Leavers.

Paul described it as a Snoop Dogg video. 

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