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Russell Coight Claims Bear Grylls Took His Idea

One of Australia’s most beloved outback adventurers has admitted that Bear Grylls’ most famous, and grossest, claim to fame was actually his idea.

In the lead up to a fresh round of All Aussie Adventures, Russell Coight took some time on Friday to speak to Paul & Lise.

He also explained why, after 16 years, he realised it was ‘time to hit the road’ and give his show another run.

“I’ve been busy with my wildlife park,” he said. “Which the RSPCA has lifted their ban.”

He said he had Australia’s first crocodile petting zoo, where he detailed an “incident”.

However, Coight said he had also been pitching a few ideas for TV – which didn’t get up.

Show such as Bondi Road Kill with Dr Chris Brown and The Voice Kununurra.

But it was when Paul asked if he had ever knocked around with Bear Grylls, the Leyland Brothers or even Alby Mangles, we didn’t expect the answer he gave.

Coight’s story on how Bear Grylls began drinking urine revealed it was actually Coight’s idea.

“I said ‘Bear, have a taste of this’,” Coight recalled.  

“And he goes ‘hey that’s not too bad I might do that on my TV show’.”

But Coight went a step further. A step almost too far.

“So, I said, ‘You think that’s good, watch this’, and I went up a tree and said ‘Hey bear, see if you can get a bit of this’.”

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