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Salon Express To Investigate Claims Of Gender Bias

Salon Express say they’re investigating after a couple of customers say they were refused a haircut because of their gender.

Simon Gabb, of Meadow Springs, told the Mandurah Coastal Times there were about six hairdressers without clients last month when he entered the Salon Express in Rockingham.

He said that they refused to cut his hair, despite staff not appearing busy at the time.

“I asked them ‘can’t boys go in here?’ and they told me to take a number and to wait about 15 minutes in the Barber Express section,” he told the paper.

He said it annoyed him that they had six staff that could’ve cut his hair.

Paul & Lise brought the story up on Wednesday morning, and they were both left at a bit of a loss.

“Isn’t a haircut just a haircut?" Lise mused. “I don’t understand.”

In May, another customer was reported saying she was refused a haircut from Barbershop Express in Mandurah because she was a woman.

Chloe Ralph said that, in April, she asked for a typically male-style haircut.


^^Chloe Ralph and Simon Gabb

“She told me straight out ‘sorry, we don’t do females’,” she said.

Paul was instantly perplexed.

“Oh, I don’t know if you can say that in 2018, can you?” he said.

Express Retail Group spokesman David Boyd told the Mandurah Coastal Times they were investigating the matter surrounding Mr Gabb’s claims.

Mandurah Coastal Times

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