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Sam Neill Reckons Captain Cook's Botanist Was A 'Root Rat'

Before Paul & Lise spoke to the legendary Sam Neill about his newest show, Lise had a query about another show…

The Sam Neill Experience: A Dance Musical.

What. An actual musical based on Sam Neill.

“You know about this, right?” Lise said.

 “It is so brilliant; these people love you and they’ve dedicated this musical to you.”

Sam roared (not quite like the T-Rex roar from Jurassic Park, but still, he laughed pretty hard)

“If you’ve ever seen me dancing, or singing, you’d know this is a train accident about to occur,” he said.

Sam also confirmed that The Sam Neill Experience was unauthorised “experience”.

But, Sam was on the show to talk about The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook with Sam Neill, which kicks off on Monday night.

“I more or less took a year off acting to do this,” he said of the 6-part series in which Sam retraces Cook's footsteps, albeit with a modern take.

Which is why Paul could legitimately ask Sam if Captain Cook’s sailors treated Tahiti like it was a Contiki tour and Lise referred to botanist Joseph Banks as a “root rat” – something Sam was quoted as saying to a New Zealand news outlet.

“Yes, that’s what I called him because I was sort of quoting an Australian term that of course is not known in New Zealand,” he laughed.

“Yes, it’s a good Australian expression, it’s very graphic and you know exactly what’s meant.”

But Paul & Lise weren’t letting Sam get away without talking about Jurassic Park, which this year celebrated it’s 25-year anniversary. Yep. WTF. Feel old yet?

Sam recalled how one of his main memories of filming Jurassic Park was being on the beach during hurricane season.

“Laura Dern turned to me and said, ‘do you think we might die today?’ and I said, ‘do you know what, Laura? That’s entirely possible’.”

The chat then turned back to root rats, where Sam also told Paul & Lise about his pets… which are all named after celebrities “well known friends” of his, and how Hugo Weaving died while “on the job”. Literally.

Yes. Hugo Weaving.

Check out the vid up top.

The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook with Sam Neill, premieres 5.30pm Monday August 27 on Foxtel’s History channel.

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