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'So Many' Cigarette Butts Littering Yagan Square

Despite a massive increase in penalties, flicking cigarette butts on the ground accounts for about 85 percent of all litter fines in WA.

Five years ago, fines for discarding butts was raised from $75 to $200. Smokers can be pinged $500 if the ciggie is still lit when it’s thrown away.

“So glad this story came out,” said Lise on Monday.

“My God, in Yagan Square, there were so many cigarette butts… it was disgusting.”

Perth’s Yagan Square precinct opened on March 3.

“It’s a brand-new square and the first thing I saw was butt, butt, butt, butt, butt, and I’m not talking about the cute tradies.”

The West reported figures from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, which showed that 2307 litter fines were written up last year.

Another 27 fines were handed out for littering which could create a public risk – stuff like lit ciggies, broken glass or chemical containers.

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