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Some Of The Weird WA Laws You May Not Have Heard Of

A cyclist has been slapped with a $400 fine and three demerits after he was caught riding without a helmet and talking on his mobile.

The rider was pinged while riding along on a street in Armadale.

WA Police tweeted a picture of the fine which said "No you cannot ride your bike on the road without a helmet AND talk to your daughter on the phone” and the hashtag #cyclistsarenotexempt…

…and they’re copping some backlash for it – mainly that cyclists shouldn’t perhaps be held to the same standards as motorists.

While Paul & Lise could understand the helmet part of the situation, they didn’t know you could be picked up for being on the phone while riding a treadly.

“Does that also mean that you can’t listen to music while on a bike?” Lise said.

“What about if you’re on a bike path?” Paul countered.

While we didn’t know the detail of whether the rider was on hands-free or holding the phone with one hand, Lise brought up an interesting point.

“Just say he was holding the phone and had the other hand on the bike, well how many people have you seen… having a drink while riding a bike?”

What it boiled down to was it to do with distraction or having both hands on the bike?

That’s when Paul launched into a few of the weirder laws in WA that you probably didn’t know about…

Check out the vid up top

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