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Swanky Mandurah Waterfront Residents Want Public Access Ban

Some of the most affluent areas around Mandurah want to stop public access to areas near their waterfront homes.

Specifically, homes near Endeavour Island in Wannanup.

Statements from San Marco Quay Halls Head's strata council chairman Glen Miller to the City of Mandurah said that a “clearly intoxicated man was heard yelling in close proximity to people’s homes,” reported the Mandurah Mail.

“But in any given moment in Perth you can hear some bloke yelling because he’s pissed,” Lise said on Monday.

“That’s what was brought up at the council meeting,” she continued, incredulous.

“There was an intoxicated man, yelling, close to people’s homes, and the council have voted to stop pedestrian access.”

Lise was right, councillors indeed voted unanimously in favour of the recommendations.

Paul was relieved they weren’t running Optus Stadium.

“After Ben from Toodyay did a nude streak, they would’ve just shut it down altogether,” he said.

The recommendations will only get the go-ahead if endorsed at their next formal meeting on February 27.

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