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‘My Family Are In Their Hour Of Need Right Now’

She brings us the news on Channel 10 every night at 5pm… but it was a long road of knockbacks for Narelda Jacobs.

In the lead-up to WA Day, Paul & Lise are bringing some of the West Aussies they admire in for a chat and, after speaking to Gary Shannon on Monday, Narelda was next on their list.

“When we were growing up, Indigenous people were not on the television,” Paul said before acknowledging the exception of Ernie Dingo.

 “Yep, he was flying the flag,” Narelda agreed.

“So, what made you genuinely believe that this was even a career path that you could get on?” Paul asked.

Narelda, who had been thinking she might head for a “stereotypical kind of role, like a Message Stick or magazine-type program”, until her lecturer challenged her to perhaps consider commercial TV.

“Then I thought ‘Really? Can I do that?’… that’s what made me think above [the expectations] I had for myself”

Narelda also wanted to talk about her family. In particular, her father.

“I think you realise how good a place you live in when you’re in your hour of need,” Narelda said.

“And my family are in their hour of need right now.”

Watch the video up top to hear what Narelda has to say about her father, in her own words.

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