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Allman v Doobie: Which 'Brother' Band Is Better?

“You’ve really disappointed me this morning,” Paul told Lise on Thursday.

The comment came after the pair were having an off-air discussion about bands, and Lise threw in her opinion.

“I said ‘you know what one of the world’s greatest bands ever is?’” she explained.

“…the Doobie Brothers.”

She then said Paul then came out with a statement that astounded her.

That statement?

“The Allman Brothers are better than the Doobie Brothers.”

This opened up a can of worms.

After a quick whip-around the studio for other opinions, Paul & Lise opened the phones (seemingly under the guise of finding out some great ‘brother’ combinations, but really it was a way of taking Perth’s temperature on Allman Brothers v Doobie Brothers, let’s be real).

What do you reckon?

Allman Brothers or Doobie Brothers?

Which band of brothers is... better?

Tune in to Paul & Lise on Friday from 6am for the result!

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