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The Bachelor Fully Stuffed Up 96FM's Office Sweeps

Office sweeps were thrown into turmoil on Friday as the fallout of The Bachelor finale gripped the country.

On Thursday night, Nick Cummins, aka the Honey Badger aka The Bachelor, was meant to choose Brittany or Sophie.

Ambivalence led him to choose neither.

One of the office sweeps which was affected was the one we had at 96FM.

Paul said he was "seduced" by the office sweep.

"We all got a girl and we all put our money in," he explained.

"Whoever the Honey Badger picked, the person in the office who had that particular girl would get the kitty – they’d score the entire sweep."

Because of the upset, everyone in the office had their two cents about what should happen to the cash.

"I need blokes who love a punt," Paul said.

Full kudos to the guys who called... they probably never thought in a million years they'd be calling us over The Bachelor.

Check out what they had to say in the vid up top

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